23 Nov 2023

Point Residence | Waterfront Luxury | A Thanksgiving Toast to Extraordinary Connections ✨

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 A Thanksgiving Toast to
Extraordinary Connections at Point Residence

Your luxurious home away from home –
nestled in Auckland's glamorous Viaduct precinct,
overlooking the majestic Waitematā Harbour.

As we get together in the universal spirit of Thanksgiving, we find ourselves reflecting on the meaningful connections that have woven the tapestry of our professional journey.

It is with a sincere and profound sense of gratitude that we extend our heartfelt appreciation to you, a valued member of the Point Residence family of VIP guests and associates.

In the true essence of this holiday season, we trust you will revel in the warmth of family laughter, the conviviality of cherished friendships, and the beauty found in the simplicity of shared moments.

These are the treasures that define a life well-lived, and it is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge your role in enriching our journey and making it truly remarkable.



Together, we've woven a tapestry of unparalleled luxury and personal connection that defines the Point Residence unique, one-of-a-kind New Zealand hospitality experience.

Your trust and confidence have been the linchpin anchoring our collaborative endeavours. Your trust, a precious gift, has allowed us to craft personalised and meaningful luxury hospitality experiences that transcend the ordinary.

As we stride into the future, may the spirit of gratitude accompany you, casting a radiant light on your path. May your days be adorned with continued success, moments of unbridled joy, and transformative experiences that intricately enrich the tapestry of your extraordinary life.

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, we extend an invitation for you to discover or return and relish in the magical world of Point Residence. See you soon.x

Happy Thanksgiving!

Manjit Kaur & Michael Coutts
Owners / Hosts
Point Residence | Pure Waterfront Luxury
Luxury Accommodation, Private Membership & Personal Lifestyle Concierge Services

22 Aug 2023

Elevated Elegance: The Magical World of Point Residence

Your luxurious home away from home – right in the beating heart of Auckland’s glamorous Viaduct precinct, overlooking the Waitematā Harbour.