Sustainability, Health & Safety

A better world.


Achieving balance...modern day comforts meet sustainability, health & safety.



We are conscious of the impact we can all have on our natural environment and ecosystem. 


Our business philosophy is driven by sustainable practices for the greater good of our community and planet.


Passive design, sustainable natural materials, eco-friendly insulation and ventilation create a luxurious, comfortable environment for our guests.


We are on our way to be free of single-use plastics by 2026, switching to refillable glass bottles and jars, and sustainable packaging.


Energy efficient solutions have been incorporated into our interior design elements and our sunny aspect promotes solar energy storage. Passive, controllable ventilation minimises the need for air conditioning, while black-out curtains support natural circadian rhythms. Here, design and mother nature work in harmony as your unbeatable wellness team.


We have established a sound starting point and continue to educate ourselves and our team on being a force for good by playing our part in improving the amazing world we live in.


Supporting Local Communities


A zero-waste approach enables discarded materials to become resources for others via our upcycling initiatives.


Using our circular economy model - we donate furniture, fittings and household items no longer required to community-based organisations that we actively support - St Vincent de Paul, Women’s Refuge and Auckland City Mission for redistribution to local families in need to reduce landfill waste.


Supporting Local Regenerative Practices


We source our seasonal produce from certified organic and biodynamic regenerative producers within the local region, committed to environmentally harmonious, socially beneficial and economically viable practices.


We recycle organic waste in the composting worm farms at our local Daldy Street Community Garden, where we grow fresh herbs and vegetables which are available free to our community.

COVID Housekeeping Best Practices & Protocols


The well-being of our guests, our team and our community is our top priority. Health and safety is at the forefront of all we do.


While our professional housekeeping standards have always been exceptional, we have taken additional proactive measures to ensure our cleaning, sanitising and hygiene protocols are upheld and kept rigorous.


For added peace of mind and comfort, our housekeeping best practices and protocols strictly adhere to current government and health guidelines.


Contactless Housekeeping Service at a mutually agreeable time is available, including a “Do Not Disturb” service option, which means that while all services remain available, our Housekeeper will not enter the residence during your stay without your permission.


We use accredited eco-friendly cleaning products and eco-laundering of bed and bath linen ensures harsh chemicals and microplastics are not being washed into our region’s water supply.


Increased ventilation from fresh air circulation reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


A regular preventative programme for cleaning filters in the air conditioning system ensures optimum performance of airflow for indoor spaces to receive the maximum number of air changes per hour.


Social Distancing - we are mindful of maintaining a social distance of 1.5 - 2 metres between guests and our team where practicable.


Our complimentary amenities include medical-grade hand sanitisers, single-use face masks & gloves, and an infra-red thermometer for personal use.


We stand together in these unprecedented times, focused on overcoming the impact of this common crisis to make our world safe again.


For further information regarding our sustainability, health & safety practices, please contact us.